Best Games to Play with Integrated Graphics

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If you own or are looking to buy an affordable laptop that doesn’t come with a discrete graphics card, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck just playing solitaire. A laptop’s CPU can handle more than you might think all on its own, thanks to its Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (IGPU).

Intel CPUs come equipped with a range of IGPUs depending on what generation they’re from. To find out which one you have, read our 2017 integrated GPU guide. So for anyone looking to get in some game time on something like a Dell XPS 13, we made a list of games you can expect to run on high settings while keeping a playable frame rate.

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  • Mark Langdahl Says:

    Hmmm, why is it a picture of Civ 4 for an entry about Civ 6? Anyway I have tried Civ 6 (and Civ 5 by the way) on my laptop which admittedly besides having shitty graphics has an even shittier CPU. And I can play Civ 3 perfectly. Civ 4 lags on large maps but is otherwise playable. Civ 5 is basically okay on lowest settings for duel maps and Civ 6 even lagged in the tutorial.

  • Michael Tilahun Says:

    You forgot to add TF2, it can run on almost anything and its a fun first person shooter

  • whaddup Says:

    60 bucks for fifa 16?!?!?!? a game almost 2 years old!?!?

  • Christine Dacquisto Says:

    Runescape should be on this list.

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