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Barnes and Noble Hangs on with New Nook GlowLight

Barnes & Noble may be down, but they are definitely not out of the e-reader business. The bookstore giant today took the wraps off its new and improved Nook GlowLight e-reader. Going for just $119, this E Ink slate's claim to fame is its lightweight 6.2 ounces -- which is 15 percent lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite -- and a more uniform backlight. 

In a statement, Chief Operating Officer of Nook Media Mahesh Veerina, said "Lighter and brighter, with crisp, sharp text, no full page flashing and no ads, our redesigned reading experience is more immersive than ever making the device a must-have item for long-form readers."

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Among the enhancements to this model, Barnes & Noble packed in 62 percent more pixels for a sharper reading experience. The company refreshed the user interface's home page to make it easier to open the reader's current content of choice, plus revamped the store to feature a Now On Nook section on the home page. Plus, the Nook GlowLight boasts "80 percent more storage than the Kindle Paperwhite." 

Barnes & Noble's announcement comes nearly two months after Amazon refreshed its E Ink e-reader, which also costs $119. It also comes four months after the bookseller announced it would shut down Nook tablet production. B&N never claimed to be stopping e-reader production, but with tumbling earnings reports and a less than stellar overall outlook, it may surprise some to see the bookstore company revamping its Nook Simple Touch line. We reserve judgement until we can get our hands on one.