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AT&T's Fall and Winter Smartphone Roadmap Leaked: Galaxy S II, Atrix 2 Coming

Cellular carriers strive to keep their device plans as close to the vest as possible, but sometimes the shroud of secrecy lifts. This time it's AT&T that's been caught off guard, with much of its Fall and Winter phone roadmap exposed for all to see.

Cell phone blog PocketNow reportedly received classified documents that clearly spell out AT&T's roadmap for the second half of the 2011. Judging from the leaked spreadsheet, Android devices  play a big role in the carrier's upcoming plans.  Of the ten handsets listed, six of them run Google's OS, all of those with version 2.3 Gingerbread. Samsung Galaxy S II fans will have a big reason to cheer too since apparently the unlocked superphone will land on AT&T (code-named Singa SGH-i777).

AT&T will give the venerable Motorola Atrix, the first dual-core Android smartphone, a refresh as well, under the name Motorola MB865 Fuath. Likely a dual-core phone like its forbear, the device boasts 1GB of onboard memory, a massive 1785 mAh battery, Android 2.3.4, and is rumored to have a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Both heavy-hitting smartphones may also have fast 4G data access in the form of HSPA class 14, essentially offering top theoretical downloads of 21 Mbps, and are slated to hit stores in Q4. Also Expected but not listed is the HTC Holiday, a massive 4.5-inch, qHD resolution, dual-core device that may come running Android 2.3.4.  

via PocketNow