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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders Start April 16 for $249

AT&T has announced pricing and availability for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 handset. The smartphone will sell for $250 on-contract with pre-orders set to roll out on April 16, which will make it the first carrier to offer the S3's replacement in the U.S. (so far). 

Earlier this week T-Mobile announced that the S4 will land on its network on May 1 as part of its new “uncarrier plan,” which runs users $99 for a down payment along with monthly costs.

Last year, pricing for the Galaxy S3 on a two-year contract with AT&T started at $199 — a $50 difference from the announced cost of the S4. AT&T has not specified whether or not the $250 price point refers to the 16GB variant or the 32GB version. Assuming a 4GB Mobile Share data plan with unlimited talk and text through the carrier plus the $36 activation fee, that's a $1,966 commitment over 2 years.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Galaxy S4 land on AT&T’s network first. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note II debuted on the carrier’s network before rolling out elsewhere, and the first-generation Galaxy Note was exclusive to AT&T. 

via AT&T Consumer Blog