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Apple to Release 27-Inch Thunderbolt Display for $999

One of the standout features of Apple's new MacBook Airs is the inclusion of a Thunderbolt port, which offers blazing-fast transfer speeds (up to 20 times the rates of USB 2.0). However, as we lamented in our review of the new 11-inch MacBook Air, there aren't many Thunderbolt-compatible peripherals to take advantage of this technology yet. Luckily, that's already changing: CNET has word that Apple is unveiling "the world's first Thunderbolt display."

The display in question is a spacious 27 inches, and it boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 178-degree viewing angle. In addition to offering Mac notebook users a larger external monitor via Thunderbolt, the screen has a built-in camera for HD FaceTime video chat. Other specs include a built-in 2.1-speaker audio system, a MagSafe charger, three USB 2.0 ports, Firewire 800, and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Apple says that users will be able to daisy-chain five Thunderbolt-compatible devices with the display.  Of course, all this comes at a premium: The Thunderbolt display will reportedly retail for $999. Look for this product to hit the market in the next 60 days.

via CNET