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Apple Store App and Self-Checkout Feature Streamlines Your Mac, iProduct Shopping

Want to buy your next Apple product on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad? You guessed it. There's an app for that.

MacRumors reported last week that Apple released its Apple Store iOS app to let consumers near San Francisco and New York City retail locations purchase products on their mobile devices, drive or walk down to an iMart, and pick up the gadget in-store. 

Today, the in-store pick-up program rolled out to all U.S. Apple retail locations and the Apple Store app picked up some new tricks as well. 

The most note-worthy feature is self-checkout.  Walk into an Apple retail store, scan the barcode of a product you want to purchase with the camera on an iPhone 4 or 4S (only works with those devices), pay for the gadget using the credit card details attached to the iTunes/Apple ID account on the smartphone, and walk out of the store. Do you need an Apple salesperson to verify your purchase? Nope. 

There are more cool features, too. Personal Pickup lets users purchase an item in the app and pick it up from a local Apple store. The same goes for purchases made online.  According to past reports, if the item is already in stock, Personal Pickup orders are slated to be ready in 12 minutes. Another feature is a new tracking tool for following the status of current orders that need to be shipped to retail stores for pickup. 

Via MacRumors 

Image Credit: MacRumors

Kenneth Butler