Mountain Lion Adoption 9 Times Higher Than Windows 8

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Just before announcing its new desktop operating system, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that OS X 10.9 Mountain Lion is the company’s best selling release of all time. On stage at this year’s WWDC, Cook announced that 35 percent of Mac users have upgraded to Mountain Lion, with 28 million copies of the software sold.

This outshines Microsoft’s most recent operating system by a long shot, as recent statistics from Net Market Share show that only 4.27 percent of PC users are operating on Windows 8. According to the data, this marks a new low for Windows adoption—even worse than the ill-fated  Windows Vista which accounts for 4.51 percent of PC users.

But this trend isn’t specific to software alone, according to Cook. The Apple CEO continued to say that the average annual growth rate for Mac is 15 percent versus a three percent growth rate for PCs. 

Microsoft is gearing up to launch its first major operating system update known as Windows 8.1, which the company promises is based on user feedback and will bring new features to Windows 8. 

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  • Mark Says:

    I think the point of this article was to point out that OS X users have less of a problem moving from version to version than Windows users do. Mac OS X isn't as jarring from release to release as Windows tends to be. Vista left most users running XP and waiting for Win 7, now it looks like a similar thing is happening with Windows 8. All of my Windows using friends, with the exception of one, think of Windows 8 as digitized evil, have gone back to Win 7 and are hoping Win 9 is better.

  • Sal Says:

    What kind of voodoo math is this! Sure 35% of Mac users have switched over to OS X 10.8 or 10.9, whichever that may be. How is that even comparable to 4.27% (now 5.75%) of Windows 8 users. Tim Cook should go to school and learn Math on real computers. Percentages are not to be compared on their own. The 35% is 35% of the total market share of all Macs (all versions) put together, which is 7.2% of all PCs sold. Windows 8 is 5.75% of all PCs sold. In reality, as bad as Windows 8 is doing, it is doing significantly better than any Mac OS version (one on one), and is creeping close to beating the total market share of all Mac OSs put together (Macs with 7.2% and Windows 8 with 5.75%).

    And then, on a straight license sold to license sold comparison, how is 28 million OS X 10.8 greater than 100 million Windows 8?

    Finally, the 15% growth rate is to awesome, however, starting with a low market share, that is not so awesome. Windows Phone jumped over 130% year over year. However, Android does the same in many markets. Andriod is abviously doing better since it already has a huge market share.

  • Kira Says:

    I just wanted to point out a typo. Mac OS X 10.8 is Mountain Lion, not 10.9

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