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Apple iOS 5 and iCloud Coming October 12

Apple's latest operating system, iOS 5, and its cloud-based services for music and photos will be available for download to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on October 12.

When it arrives, the new operating system will offer several much-anticipated interface tweaks. The list includes: a new notification tray, a Newstand app for one-stop access to magazines and newspapers, direct Twitter integration that goes beyond the existing app, tabbed browsing in Safari, updates to the Game Center that allow you to add photos of friends, and plenty more.

Meanwhile, with iCloud, users can share their music, photos, and documents seamlessly between all their iOS devices. That feature will also extend to apps, books, and magazines that can be re-downloaded across devices as well. 

Want to know more about both these services? Check out our preview look at all the new features in iOS 5 and iCloud.