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Apple Goes All-American: A5 Chip Now Produced in Texas

The A5 chip inside Apple's iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is now being produced stateside, according to Reuters. Sources familiar with Apple's production details told the news organization that Samsung Electronics is now handling production of the A5 in Austin, Texas.

Though the A5 chip has always been designed in America (at Apple's HQ in California, to be specific), Apple has previously relied on Samsung's overseas factory for production.

Apple reportedly began receiving chips from Samsung's  U.S.-based factory earlier this month. The new production line cost a cool $3.5 billion to construct and is said to be the size of nine football fields. Apple has previously relied on low-cost manufacturers in Asia—most famously, Foxconn—to both produce and assemble the components for its products. Reuters reports that Foxconn is still responsible for product assembly.

via Reuters