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Yet Another Patent Shows Foldable Surface

More signs point to a foldable Surface from Microsoft. Back in October, a report from Windows Central suggested a folding notebook called Andromeda. This week, a new Microsoft international patent application emerged that focuses an awful lot on the hinge. The Verge and MSPowerUser first reported the news. 

The patent application, which you can read through here, is for a "hinged device" with a display "wrapped around the hinge." The drawing shows a dual-screened device with multiple uses, including a virtual keyboard, an alarm clock (in tent mode) and a tablet.

Windows Central has previously reported that the device might be able to make calls and have a dedicated inking app, though there's no sign of a stylus here. (It's possible Microsoft could include a Surface Pen.) 

According to reports, the device would be the first to feature CShell, Microsoft's adaptable shell for Windows 10 that enables it to adjust the experience depending on screen size.

That is, of course, assuming that this computer makes it to market at all. Microsoft canceled its Courier project back in 2010 and pulled the plug on the Surface Mini right before its scheduled launch in 2014.

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