Amazon Kindle Sale: Voyage Hits Lowest Price Ever

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Amazon is out to prove that it pays to be a Prime member. The Seattle-based giant has slashed the price of four of its best-selling Kindle e-readers with discounts as deep as $50. Last month, Amazon discounted the same set of Kindles by only $20, but this sale results in far better prices with discounts that range from $30 to $50.

amazon kindle voyage hold

The Kindle Voyage is particularly noteworthy because at $149.99, it's at its lowest price it's ever been.

There is a small catch, however. The discounts are only valid if you're a Prime member. This isn't the first time Amazon has required Prime membership for its special pricing, but it's a reminder of the many perks Amazon's membership offers.

Although they're all currently out of stock, Amazon is also discounting its Kindle bundles.

Amazon's sale is valid through Monday, April 3.

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