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Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 Pictures Leak: 5 Inches of Sleek

Can Samsung create a 5-inch smartphone that people will want to carry? Based on some allegedly leaked images of the Galaxy S4 obtained by Sammy Hub, the answer is yes. Despite growing the display on the Galaxy S III from 4.8 to 5 inches, the S4 looks like it has an even smaller bezel than its predecessor, which should make the device fairly easy to use with one hand.

The leaked photos, which were posted on a Chinese forum, also show that the S4 has a metal band running around the outside, along with textured plastic on the front and back. Some are already complaining that Samsung's new flagship will lack the premium look and feel of the iPhone 5 and upcoming Android phones like the aluminum HTC One. However, if the back is removable, S4 owners will be able to replace the battery. And as Samsung told CNET, using plastic allows for easier manufacturing. 

Heading up to the big launch on March 14th, rumors have the Galaxy S4 featuring unique new capabilities like the ability to scroll with your eyes. The phone is said to include an octa-core processor, a 1080p AMOLED display and a 13-MP camera. However, we expect a fair number of surprises come launch day. 

Stay tuned for our wall-to-wall Galaxy S4 coverage.

via Sammy Hub