How to add additional rows above or below in Microsoft Excel

Excel sheet
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Copy and paste is the obvious fix for most situations in Excel, but it’s rarely the right choice. Take this example: adding a new row of data above or below existing cells. Instead of selecting, copying, and pasting, there’s a much easier way that doesn’t involve the added steps, and it’s hiding in your right-click menu.

Editor's Note: This tutorial was written for Excel 2016, but a similar method still applies to modern versions of Excel.

How to insert rows and columns in Excel 

1. Open a blank Excel workbook.

2. Enter data, or choose an existing workbook with data already pre-filled. Here we’re going to use a listed of alphabetized names. If we forget one, we can quickly add the space we need to add the name without moving anything else around.

3. Right-click the cell you’d like to add blank space above or below and select Insert 1 row above.

In the previous version, just select Insert.

4. Choose Entire row.

5. Click OK

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