How to Make a Treemap in Excel

Excel 2016's new Treemap chart offers an interesting way to visualize a hierarchy of data. With it, you can compare data for different categories at a glance, such as revenue for a bookstore by book genre and sub-genres or laptop sales by manufacturer and model. Here's how to create a Treemap in just a couple of clicks

1. Highlight the data you want to use for your Treemap.

2. Click the Insert tab.

3. Click the Insert Hierarchy button > Treemap. Excel will create and insert a Treemap chart into your spreadsheet.

4. Double-click the chart to format it. You can apply a chart style, for example, edit the chart title, select a different color scheme, and so on.

When your data is logically categorized and ordered, you can use a Treemap to easily find patterns in that information.

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