Here’s an Easier Way to Copy and Paste Repetitive Data in Excel

Copy and paste works great, if you’re selecting data that’s in the same column, or row. If the data is disjointed, there’s a much better way to organize it than copy and pasting each instance, column, or row individually. It’s not the only way to do this, but it’s certainly the fastest and easiest to pick up in minutes.

1. Start typing the same text in multiple columns.

2. CTRL + Click each instance of the name. You’ll only need two or three instances for Excel to recognize the pattern, so you won’t need to do this for long.

3. Continue CTRL + Clicking the empty spaces the name will go.

4. Once done, type the name one last time and press CTRL + Enter. You’ll see the name has now been filled in each empty column you selected.

5. Repeat these steps for additional names or titles.

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