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How to Open Google Sheets in Excel

Google Sheets is a convenient way to create, edit and collaborate on spreadsheets online, but you may sometimes find that you need to open a Google Sheet in Microsoft Excel. Perhaps you have a coworker that only uses Microsoft's spreadsheet application or maybe you want to send someone a file attachment rather than a link.

Fortunately, Google Sheets makes it easy to download a spreadsheet as an Excel file or in other formats Here are step-by-step instructions for how to download and open a Google Sheet in Excel.

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1. Click File.

2. Click Download as.

3. Select Microsoft Excel. You can select PDF document if you want to download the spreadsheet as a file that can't be edited. If you want to use another spreadsheet editor, you can select OpenDocument, Comma-separated values or Tab-separated values.

4. Open your downloaded Google Sheet.

You've opened your Google Sheet in Excel.

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