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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S III Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the best smartphones of the year, not only because of its speedy performance and great camera but its wide variety of special features. This phone lets you do everythIng from share photos between devices with a tap to keep the screen from dimming using just your eyes. Here's how to take advantage of the Galaxy S III's top 10 talents.

  1. How to Use Smart Motion Gestures
  2. How to Use Buddy Photo Share
  3. How to Use S Beam to Share Files
  4. How to Share Documents in Real Time
  5. How to Set Up Smart Stay
  6. How to Post to Social Networks Using Voice
  7. How To Adjust the Call Volume
  8. How to Hide Unused Apps in the App Drawer
  9. How to Get a News Ticker on Your Lock Screen
  10. How To Use Pop Up Play