Windows Users Plan Exodus to Apple

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Faced with quarter after quarter of sluggish sales, PC manufacturers have been pining for a savior that just hasn't materialized. This year, it's Windows 8's turn to try out the hero role, but a recent Avast survey of 135,329 U.S. Windows users suggests that Microsoft's operating system doesn't hold the allure OEMs hope it does: 42 percent of all Americans in the hunt for a new computer say they'll be picking up an Apple product.

Interestingly, that doesn't mean they'll be switching over to a Mac. Only 12 percent of will-be buyers are considering a move to Apple's desktop solution. The iPad is the big draw, with 30 percent of respondents planning to snag an iOS tablet, perhaps in lieu of a second PC. Still doubt that tablets are chewing into PC sales?

A full 68 percent of imminent buyers still plan to pick up a Windows 8 PC, however, which suggests that at least some of the people in the market for an iPad also plan to purchase a Microsoft-made computer. Nevertheless, those are huge numbers for Apple. The figures drop a bit internationally, with 7 percent of buyers eyeing a Mac and 21 percent eyeing an iPad.

If you count tablets as computers, Apple already stole the number one position from HP earlier this year, and by quite a large margin. The Cupertino company's devices boast impeccable quality as well, with various Apple products sitting atop our lists of the best notebooks and tablets available.  

Even if you don't consider slates to be PCs proper, Microsoft should be worried by Avast's survey for numerous reasons. The numbers highlight Apple's dominance in a PC-Plus world, but perhaps more troublingly, only 8 eight percent of global respondents said they were considering picking up a new PC sooner rather than later just to make the leap to Windows 8.  

Via Avast and USA Today


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  • Ozzie Says:

    People are considering (not choosing) Mac because they want something new and they feel attracted by their publicity but the fact to the matter is that Mac is not better than Windows. Apple computers are just good looking with a quite boring OS. Most of the people that made the switch to Mac, secretly regret their decision within the first month but they feel shame to confessed it because they had spend so much money on a crappy computer. On the other hand Windows 8 is touch capable, has camera gestures that let you control the computer from far and has two layouts: the fun metro start and the classic desktop plus you can take your windows with all your programs and setting on a USB drive and temporary run it on any Windows 7 computer. What is there not to love about Windows 8 or can Mac create a computer that can switch between an Android table and a Windows 8 PC like the Asus Transformer!!

  • Michael Says:

    Wow you Apple lovers love to talk smack. Half of you are too stupid to use Windows, as evidenced by the dolt in the comments who almost broke an LCD screen because he can't even figure out the basics of Win8 by playing around with it.

    Enjoy your slave labor products. They cost $20 - $30 to produce, sell them to you for $1499. My desktop cost less than $600 and it outperforms any Mac on the market. Sheesh. Its one thing if you're too technologically illiterate to operate a non-Mac, but don't try to tell me I'm dumb for not falling in line with you. You enjoy your $1500 paperweights. I'll enjoy my Win7 PC. Thanks.

  • Not a Massive Douche Says:

    Apple People are in a dream world, so smug with their products made by almost slave labor, Google Iphone Factory for yourself. That being said I won't support such a horrid company, I don't even need to mention that their hardware is inferior to Android and PC's (Running Windows or Linux)

    Apple products are for people that aren't very tech savvy (but like to think they are)

    I'll stick to my 8-Core Desktop which runs Windows & Linux because I like to be awesome, and as for a phone, I'll stick to my more than twice as powerful quad core Android Phone and my Quad core Tablet.

  • societyofosiris Says:

    I dumped my home PC when I discovered the Samsung Galaxy Note. USB OTG and AllShare have been a God send. My current setup:

    Galaxy Note 2 as a PC & WACOM Tablet
    Arc Wireless Mouse & Keyboard
    AllShare Wireless HDMI Dongle
    4-Port USB Hub with USB OTG Adapter
    256GB Samsung SATA Drive w/ USB Converter
    DropBox to access my office files

    I still use Windows 7 on my office netbook along with all the key software that tablets and mobile devices woefully lack such as Adobe Creative Suites 5.5 and Microsoft Office. Not to mention a 32" Dell LCD Monitor for a multi-screen and multi-window setup.

  • God Says:

    New Posting Rules:

    1. State your qualifications before expressing your opinion.

    2. Recognize your opinion is irrelevant.

    3. If your post is ignorant, self-absorbed or hateful, it will be removed.

    4. Go outside and play.

  • Craig Barfield Says:

    Heh Heh Heh...
    Just my 2 cents, but I despise the look of the new win 8 desktop.
    For me, if I buy a windows laptop, I do not want the UI to look like a tablet display, when it isn't... Sorry.

    The funny part of it was that the other day I went into a store and the saw a laptop with win8 on it.
    Well, after trying to use the trackpad which unbeknownst to me was broken, I said "gee, this must be one of
    those new laptops with a touch screen"! I darn near cracked the LCD display poking at it, thinking from the win8
    desktop that it was a touch screen... but it wasn't... it was just a plain old laptop with that new Win8 desktop.

    I hope the retailers send MS all the bills for broken floor model displays!

  • wwwwwwww Says:

    Survey was released to USA Today which reported in its story that:

    "On Oct. 25, the day before Windows 8 officially went on sale, Avast polled 1.6 million users of its PC anti-virus product, and got 350,000 responses, including 135,329 from U.S. Windows users.

    Some 65% of U.S. users replied from PCs running Windows 7, while 22% still used Windows XP and 8%, Windows Vista.

    Six of 10 respondents were aware of Windows 8, indicating Microsoft did a good job of marketing the product in the months leading up to the Windows 8 launch, says Jonathan Penn, Avast's director of strategy. But only 9% of U.S. respondents said they would accelerate a decision to buy a new computer just to have Windows 8, while more than 70% said they planned to stick with what they have."

  • Myk Says:

    So... I went to Best Buy and picked up an ASUS Windows 8 laptop last Friday for $450. Money was not necessarily the primary objective - I would have preferred the Yoga that has been constantly sold out at $1000. Regardless, both options are still well below Mac prices, and do an excellent job for 95% of the computer-using public. I did not see anyone browsing the Apple computer section in either store, so my guess is that perhaps 20% of the 5% of computer users (1% of the total computer-using public for the challenged) might be looking to switch to Mac, but most folks who know nothing about computers any more (like myself) will be quite impressed with Windows 8 and affordable touchscreen laptops.

  • Zack Rice Says:


    Interesting you ended up with a Dell Precision M6700 with IPS RGB display - that's exactly where I ended up. I upgraded from a M6400 Covet (the fire-orange on those is really awesome) and I'll probably be on the Dell Precision systems from here on out. Yes, it weighs more than your average brick, but the thing is rock-solid and I actually travel with it quite extensively. The screen as compared to Apple's Retina is probably the one point where the case could be made that the Retina is slightly better, but the 17" is not something I will give up at this point, and the fact is the M6700 is absolutely gorgeous display I doubt you will ever regret. Good luck!


  • Rob Says:

    What a complete bunch of crap; so, people that use windows everyday for work, etc.. are going to go and pay twice as much for less performance because the macbooks are so pretty? There are a few of you apple marketing department dream clients, but most of the 99% will look for a deal. I for one have been waiting for MS to come out with tablets (they did invent the tablet if you'll recall; Apple's made it into a toy) and a decent smart phone so that I can jetison my iphone. It was the best choice two years ago and has served me relatively well, but the fandom toward the company is nauseating.

  • Steve-O Says:

    I bought a new laptop with Windows 8 about 2 weeks ago. The first week was very frustrating and I wanted to punch Ballmer. After downloading a Start App, setting it up to go into desktop mode by hitting the enter key on startup, and buying a usb mouse in lieu of the useless touchpad, I can say that I've gotten used to it.

    I have a second monitor attached to the laptop, and the two slightly annoying problems I have are 1) when I'm in desktop mode the charms bar often pops up and gets in the way when I move the mouse to the right side of either the laptop screen or the attached monitor; and 2) when I turn off the second monitor or it goes into sleep mode, any application windows that were on the second monitor automatically get transferred over to the laptop screen, at which point things sometimes freeze up.

    Other than that, I find the OS to be pretty solid. It seems fast, and it hasn't crashed. It's just that damn touchscreen interface that's an annoyance.

  • Steve Says:

    MS Surface Pro, when released early next year, will be huge. Windows Office on a tablet. Now we're talking.

  • Karl Says:

    The Dell Precision M6700 is from the workstation dark ages. I switched after years of Dell machines and Windows to Apple two years ago. Won't look back. I now have an 16GB i7 iMac and the latest Macbook Air i7 with 8GB. Still run Windows when I need it on VM fusion, even Windows 8. But to be honest OSX just works and is so simple to use. I would go for the Macbook Pro Retina display any day. Fastest Macbook ever made, half the weight, 2800 x 1600 display and SSD drive. You can run Windows and OSX. No brainer.

  • Tim Says:

    @Mario - The screen quality is critical as my main reason for replacement is for photo editing. I want high resolution, high gamut, high contrast, colour accurate, good viewing angles. I do not want an external monitor so the laptop itself must meet my needs. Such laptops are as rare as hens'teeth. I understand that HP Dreamcolor displays are up there, but not as good as the Dell IPS RGB screen, and with a quite unpleasant "sparkly" anti-glare finish.

    So it's a two horse race between the Dell Precision M6700 and the Apple rMBP. They both have pluses and minuses and it is a toss up to figure which one is the outright winner. I think the Dell, by a hair, but I'm sure either one would suit me well. This has nothing to do with Apple vs Microsoft and OS X vs Windows. It's all about the hardware. If Apple didn't have the retina screen they wouldn't be in the running at all.

  • Mario Says:

    Nevermind. I found some reviews that gave that laptop a "ho hum." Seems the screen is not very high-res for its size, and it's a bit heavy.

    Sorry! Carry on, carry on.

  • Mario Says:


    You should check out the Lenovo IdeaPad U510 notebook. It looks like an Apple MBP 15", but runs Win 8 (or you can downgrade to Win 7 if you like). The specs are close enough to Apple MBP 15."

    I'm very tempted to get one, and I'm a longtime Mac user. The only downside for me would be that I do work in both OSes (Mac and Win), mostly Mac OS. So the MBP 15 still would be a better solution for me. Otherwise, I'd get one of those Lenovos.

  • Roger Mercer Says:

    Android is better, cheaper, faster than iOS? One out of three ain't bad.

  • Tim Says:

    I really don't think the OS is the problem. The "problem" for Windows is that most of the machines on offer are dreary, plastic affairs which do nothing whatsoever to stir the soul. There is nothing aspirational or desirable about the vast majority other than price. Even if they get build and appearance right there is some chink in the armour to screw things up. It might be a rotten keyboard, touchpad or display, but somewhere it's the hardware that lets the side down. When you build to a price instead of a quality I guess that's what happens. And don't get me started on the bloatware these cretinous manufacturers insist on throwing in to wreck any hope of a pleasurable user experience.

    My main Windows machine is a six year old laptop from Dell. It still works as well today as on day one (barring a fading backlight), but I need a replacement. I bought a Dell XPS 15 L521X with top end components. Lovely technology, looks and performance, but a dreadful display quality. I mean abysmal. I returned it for a refund.

    So I did lots more research and decided to try a Macbook Pro Retina. I have no interest in OS X - at least no more interest in that move than I have for giving up English and learning French instead - but I wanted a well built, stylish, high performance laptop with a terrific display. My intention was to install Win 8 and forget about OS X. However, I had some concerns which are not germaine to the topic, but that machine went back.

    More research still and I have (finally?) opted for a Dell Precision M6700 with IPS RGB display. Hardware spec wise it's a bloody marvel. Build quality right up there. Proper keyboard. Beautiful display. The right OS for me. Easy upgrade and servicing. The only downside is that it is a big, heavy lump. Since portability is not a significant requirement for me that is not really an issue, but against the rMBP it still looks like a utilitarian device rather than a desirable object. It is a tool, not a toy.

    I'm still awaiting delivery of mine, so I just hope it lives up to the expectation. I'm sure it will, but if not I will be returning to Apple for the rMBP. I don't like Apple as a company. I don't like much of Apple's (attempted) control over the accessories and upgrade market. OS X might be great, but I'm not interested. I still have Windows only software I need to run, with no alternatives available. But what Apple does offer is a slick, powerful machine with a terrific display and inadequacies I can (reluctantly) overlook in order to get the things that are most important to me. Other than the Dell Precision I am unaware of any other "Windows" machine that will come close.

    As for other competitors, they all seem to screw up somewhere. There is always a weak link in the chain. Apple just seems to iron out those kinks or put them in places where people can be persuaded to overlook them. None of this has anything whatsoever to do with the OS. It's all about the hardware (well, and the bloatware). Why has MS taken to building its own convertible tablet? Hmmmmm, I wonder (not).

  • icesurfer Says:

    Apple doesn't make "superior" products. they just make over-priced and stiflingly proprietary products that are easy for technologically challenged people to use. Plus the people in Apple Forums are insufferably smug and cliquish. MS is evil, but Apple is even more evil and in a sneakier, more underhanded way. Caveat emptor.

  • Joseph Says:

    Not everyone leaving Windows is going to Apple and OS X. Many of us are installing a Linux distribution on our existing PC hardware for a cost of $0. All of the major features of Windows 8 (minus Metro, fortunately) are present in Linux already and touch-oriented desktops like Gnome 3 exist if one wants them. In fact, the KDE desktop can toggle between a Windows 7-like conventional desktop and a touch-oriented desktop, a feature Windows 8 sorely needs. KDE's (and OS X's) UIs are more similar to Windows 7 than Windows 8's is to Windows 7. Those making the switch can also gain features like full disk encryption that are only available in the most expensive versions of Windows.

    >only 8 eight percent of global respondents said they were considering picking up a new PC sooner rather than
    >later just to make the leap to Windows 8.

    It's a crying shame from a computer literacy perspective that there's still anyone who feels the need to purchase a new PC just to upgrade their OS.

    Regarding tablets - many Linux distributions now have full ARM ports available. Unlike Windows RT, which does not run existing Windows x86 software, most Linux software runs on ARM with a recompile and most other software has been tweaked to run on ARM. That means that unlike both Windows and OS X, users running Linux on ARM can indeed have their same OS experience, including desktop software, on the device. Many unlocked Android tablets/hybrids exist (like the Asus Transformer Prime or Infinity with their keyboard docks) that can run ARM Linux and give the user a full ARM notebook experience.

  • SoCalJasonland Says:

    Until they go to the Apple store and see the prices.

  • Gekodax Says:

    Microsoft has made Windows 7 which is by FAR the best OS ever made for desktops
    Then the tablets apeared
    windows 8 / phone 8 are just not enough
    Google lunced Android which is much better, faster, and cheaper than iOS
    the hardware of an android device is unbeatable
    -- a dual-core 1Ghz (iPhone 5 800$) cpu can't be compared with a quad-core 1,5Ghz (Galaxy SIII 550$)
    also there is not a single app in the iOS appstore that is better than the one οn the android

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SII (320$) which is a lot better than it's comparator (iPhone 3GS (300$)) even the more expensive (iPhone 4 (450$) & 4S (550$))

  • Robyn Says:

    "recent Avast survey of 135,329 U.S. Windows users "

    Hmm... how was this survey done? Of Windows users entering Apple Stores? :-)

    Internet, self-reported, sample biased??

    I'm an Apple devotee, but believe in smart analysis of research--so let's have some info on the survey itself and whether it's credible or not!

  • LB Says:

    Left out the most important number; How many people are moving from Mac to Windows.

  • John Says:

    People are getting smarter with technology and are adopting the superior product. MS is doomed

  • Mark Says:

    Can you say, "halo effect all over again"?

  • lawrence Says:

    SMart people are leaving windows and going to something so much better when they choose apple.

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