iPad Mini Keyboard Cases: 6 Tiny Typers Compared

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The iPad mini is portable enough to go anywhere and can run the more than 300,000 apps in the App Store. In fact, the 7.9-inch mini is so versatile it can easily pinch hit for a PC, whether you’re composing emails, word processing or taking notes in meetings. To make typing faster and more comfortable, several companies offer keyboards for the iPad mini. All of these useful accessories prop up your tablet to give you a laptop-like experience, and some double as cases to protect your investment. We tested six iPad mini keyboard cases to find out which ones offer the best mix of design, features and comfort.

Belkin Portable Keyboard Case

Belkin, one of the major Apple accessory makers, has now added a keyboard case for the iPad mini to its portfolio. Like its similar accessory for the full-size iPad, the Portable Keyboard Case for iPad mini protects the mini with a thin rubberized sheath. For $80, this case also doubles as a stand, though it could be easier to transform.

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Ionic Keyboard Tablet Leather Case

The $35 Ionic Keyboard Tablet Leather Case is an attractive, affordable leather coverall for the iPad mini. It also happens to pack a detachable Bluetooth keyboard inside. Perhaps the best part of this accessory is that it costs about half as much as most of its competitors. Find out how much mini keyboard you get for your money.

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Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2

Designed for iPad mini owners looking to get some quality work out of their tablet, Kensington's $79 KeyFolio Pro 2 is a professional, portfolio-style case with a 7-inch Bluetooth keyboard tucked inside. The Pro 2 lets you adjust the angle of the iPad mini--a feature many simiilar accessories lack--and its keyboard detaches from the case. But while this iPad mini accessory looks sharp, the keyboard itself is definitely not..

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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini

A keyboard case for the iPad mini should be much like Apple's tablet: thin, light, stylish and functional. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini ($79) is all of the above. Using its Smart Cover-like magnetic spine, this accessory protects the iPad mini during downtime and, when there's work to be done, it pairs the slate with a spry Bluetooth keyboard. Find out why this is the iPad mini keyboard to get.

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Luvvitt Backlit Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

What's missing from many iPad mini external keyboards? A backlight. Not so with the Luvvitt Backlit Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. This $79.99 accessory adds an illuminated layout for working in dimmer environments. Is this keyboard case as bright an idea as it seems?

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ZaggKeys Mini 7

Designed to slip easily into smaller bags and purses, the iPad mini is going to take some abuse as it rubs up against keys and anything else you might have in your bag. The ZaggKeys Mini 7 wraps the iPad mini in a durable rubber case complete with a Bluetooth keyboard. Available for as little as $44.99 at Zagg's -- half its original $89 price -- this iPad mini keyboard case is a true bargain.

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