Best iPhone 5 Battery Cases Reviewed

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battery cases comparedbattery cases compared

battery cases compared1

Want your iPhone 5S to last as long as you do? You’ll need more juice. A great way to stretch that endurance is with a battery case, which protects your handset while adding hours of usage. Sure, they add a little bit of bulk, but not having to hunt for an outlet is worth it. So, which iPhone battery case is best? We tested five leading contenders to find out.

To gauge each iPhone 5 battery case, we ran our LAPTOP Battery Test. Our test continuously surfs the web over 4G LTE (loading a new site every 60 seconds) on 40 percent brightness. But extra battery life alone isn't enough; design and ease of use are also critical. Find out which battery cases deserve to power your iPhone 5 or 5S.

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Joe Osborne
Joe Osborne,
Joe Osborne joined the staff in 2013, focused on improving LAPTOP’s already stellar review coverage and original benchmark tests. With a B.A. in Journalism from Temple University, Joe has covered the games and tech scenes through reviews, hands-on previews, news, interviews and more for outlets like PCMag and AOL’s
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  • min kunwar Says:

    Nice, i like it.

  • Tim Canty Says:

    These companies need to use the new Jolt cable connection instead of the Micro USB

  • Chris Says:

    Generally helpful review, but would be nice to see a matrix style comparison with specs like micro-USB vs lightning cable charger, size (thickness in mm), weight (really important as much as capacity even) and capacity in mAh (milliamp hours) to really compare them, and of course price.

  • David Chartier Says:

    Please don't use slideshows for this kind of thing. It's a really crummy way to read and compare stuff like this.

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