How Would You Improve the Kindle Fire?

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The Kindle Fire is feeling the heat. According to reviewers on Amazon and a report by The New York Times, there's a lot of things early owners don't like about this $199 tablet  Many of these issues we pointed out in our Kindle Fire review, including the lack of parental controls and the Silk browser's sluggishness.  Amazon says an over-the-air update is coming within the next two weeks to address some of these shortcomings.

Now it's your turn. Tell us what you don't like about the Kindle Fire and what you'd like to see changed in the comments below. Is all this criticism warranted or do you love your Fire so far? 

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  • Tyler hughs Says:

    Most of this was implemented in the k fire hd

  • KS Says:

    Bluetooth to use with my bluetooth headphones would be great.
    Memory slot (SD or mini SD) to expand memory. though I have not run out of memory, yet.

  • Stan Says:

    The battery life must be extended. I'm fearful of using the Kindle Fire away from the house because after what is seemingly a short time the battery needs a recharge which takes hours.
    That's my main concern followed by the inability to delete items in the carousel. Who came up with an idea of keeping everything used once as a permanent member of the carousel?
    Fix these and I'm happy.

  • Moistommy Says:

    I would trade it back for my $200 and buy 2000 10-cent donuts

  • RW Says:

    Firmware neet to be upgradeable. Touch screen not sensitive and HOME button not readily available. No USB port to further expand storage.

  • Jason Says:

    I've had a Fire for about 2 weeks now. I use it for reading and playing a few games. My 8 year-old daughter loves watching YouTube videos on it. Overall, I think it was wise for me to spend $200 on this since I have a laptop and an iPhone with a wireless hotspot on it. I'm not going to do much work on my tablet anyway. It's a great device for consuming media.

    I have found that the scrolling has a little bit of a stutter to it. I don't particularly care for the carousel interface either and would like other options. I also find the performance of Silk to be underwhelming, but I have not tried turning off the "acceleration" yet. If they could just improve the scrolling performance with the update I'd be very happy.

  • Movein Says:

    A little laggy but last update fixed the back button issue mostly. I put go launcher pro ex on mine and now love the thing. My only two complaints are this. I want to change the keyboard (which I submitted) and then you guys are right if this thing had HDMI it would be awesome especially because you can download movies from Amazon to it. But we can't fix that so lets get the input method fixed. And these stupid sites giving bad reviews is ridiculous. For $200 thus thing is awesome.

  • Paul Says:

    We just bought one for our 8 year old daughter who loves to read and play games on my android phone. It arrived yesterday and I have only played around with it for a few minutes.
    Here are my initial thoughts of the top three things it needs:
    1. Parental Controls - These are needed to be able to block access to the device settings, disable web browsing, disable purchases, filter content from the Amazon video library and newstand/books, etc.
    2. Multi-User Interface Option - This would help to setup a customizable 'login' for multiple users in the household where particuular settings and the look/feel could be set to individual user preferences.
    3. SD Card Expansion - It would be nice to be able to expand the onboard memory with an SD card, or to load it up with pics/videos from your home NAS drive w/o impacting the onboard storage capacity.

    The things I mentioned, with the exception of the SD expansion slot, can be handled simply through software modifications and/or a good app. There are a couple out there for locking apps from your kids, but they don't have the nice, slick look/feel of a real professionally designed interface - something you would likely get if Amazon were to offer it from their own internal app developers.

    We'll have to play around with it more in the next day or two and decide if we keep it or send it back. I'm really excited for my daughter to have it, but they need to provide the necessary options to allow parents to make this a kid friendly device. If they do that, I can easily see this replacing her Nintendo DS since she can use it to read books, watch movies, play games, keep a journal/diary, listen to music, etc.

  • KW Says:

    Need to open it up to more of the android market. Allow other browsers, ebook readers, video players. Yeah, you can sideload but it's a pain to do updates.

  • V.Torch Says:

    The Kindle Fire is perfect the way it is for the exception one HDMI port. With an HDMI, this device is practically unbeatable.

  • Tabletaholic Says:

    Not sure what you can complain about for when paying under $200 for a tablet, its not that bad, its got a good form factor, but its not meant to be top of the line, its a good tablet to play games, read books, watch videos and be connected to Amazon.

  • joe Says:

    Micro HDMI output. Idiots!

  • wetdog2 Says:

    The power button is poorly placed, it's a tad heavy and the battery life could be better. The home screen scrolling icons require too much precision to be useful, especially with the not-very-responsive touchscreen.

    I also wish the Google apps were available on it, especially Google Music.

    But all in all, I'm happy with it as a multimedia device.

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