Barnes & Noble's New Nook Touch Available Ahead of Schedule

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Barnes and Noble Nook with the cover of Mechanique by Genevieve ValentineBarnes & Noble announced today that they began shipping the new Nook to customers who pre-ordered them yesterday, ahead of the timetable set at last week's launch event. You can also now order the device online for delivery before Father's Day and demo units will hit stores tomorrow (you won't be able to buy them in stores until this weekend, though). If you're dying to actually touch the new Nook, you won't have to wait long.

We're sure you're going to like it a lot. In our review of the Nook we noted the eReader's elegant interface, speedy performance, and ergonomic design as major pluses. It definitely gives the Kindle some serious competition, and the fact that it has a more open ecosystem means it's a better buy for consumers who don't appreciate walled gardens and proprietary formats.

Read our full review to see why the new Nook is our new favorite eReader.

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