Apple Awarded Patent on Air Design, Ultrabook Competitors Weep

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Makers of Ultrabooks could probably catch up to the MacBook Air's popularity with time and effort, but the tech giant just made that task even harder. Apple was awarded a patent Tuesday (US patent DD661,296) on the teardrop wedge shape of the Air. This development may spell serious trouble for the competition should Apple decide to wield its newly acquired weapon.

Many Ultrabooks that flaunt similar designs to the Air, including the Samsung Series 9, ASUS Zenbook Prime, and Dell XPS 13,  could be faced with an injuction similar to what impacted the HTC One Series delivery to U.S. customers. How strict Apple will be remains unknown. It's also unclear what the patent entails exactly, as details are vague and there is no mention of hinges, feet or contours.

Though it remains to be seen how often or aggressively Apple will go after patent offenders, they might as well accept it now: Ultrabook makers had better be prepared to do battle.

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  • Jon Says:

    Really... patent on shapes now.. right must get to sending my patent in on the design of the rectangle..

  • a nony mouse Says:

    Not stupid, smart. Get rid of competitors = profit.

  • Bill Says:

    The macbook air has been around for four years. Why is this patent being issued now? Did it take that long to get approved or did Apple wait that long to submit it?

  • APC 1 Says:

    C'mon with every company having a horde of designers at their disposal, I find it hard to believe they cannot top Apple's design or design something as beautiful and not look anything like an Apple product.

    If anyone here can say they'll be happy for their competitors to ripoff their design then I rest my case.

  • mirekk Says:

    Crazy stupid, Apple go !@#$ yourself!

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