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Xbox One owners can join lottery to buy Xbox Series X — register to Microsoft's new program

Xbox Series X and Series S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The hunt for an Xbox Series X and Series S continues, with Microsoft even stating restock issues will continue until at least the end of June. While the company is still dealing with the global chip shortage, it has found a way for Xbox One users to potentially nab the next-gen console.

Microsoft has announced a "Console Purchase Pilot" program to help stop scalpers from buying out entire stocks and to give gamers with an Xbox One a chance to reserve an Xbox Series X|S. 

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Currently, the program is only available to Xbox One owners in the United States, but depending on how well received the pilot program is, Microsoft will roll it out "more broadly," according to a Microsoft spokesperson (via CNET).

In order to be in the program, gamers will need to sign up for the Xbox Insider Program, which gives Xbox owners the opportunity to access and give feedback on the latest Xbox system updates.

From there, access the Xbox Insider Hub app on an Xbox One to get signed up. Those lucky enough to be selected will get a message via the Xbox dashboard stating that Microsoft has reserved a console, and they will then be able to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S directly from the company.

This allows Microsoft to allocate one unit per Xbox fan, rather than having scalpers buy out stocks at various retailers. However, Microsoft will also have to wait for more stocks to come in before reserving units.

Next-gen console shortages have been an ongoing issue for Microsoft and Sony, with the latter now confirming PS5 consoles will remain in short supply until at least 2022. But just because stock is scarce doesn't mean it's impossible to buy either console.

You can check out the best places to buy an Xbox Series X, with Walmart and Best Buy being the usual contenders when it comes to regular restocks.