PS5 stock to remain in short supply until 2022, Sony claims

PS5 console revealed
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Sony has raised concerns over PS5 stock issues, stating that its next-gen console is expected to remain in short supply around the world until 2022.

According to a recent report on Bloomberg, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki warned a group of analysts that demand isn't calming down this year, and the company doesn't have the supply to catch up with consumer demand. This is largely due to component shortages, which is also affecting Microsoft's Xbox Series X

As the report states, Sony confirmed that it is finding it difficult to keep up with the strong demand for its next-gen console, even if the company does produce more PS5 units over the next year.

The Sony CFO told analysts that the company is looking to increase production as soon as possible. In a recent earnings report, Totoki also stated a potential solution to the shortage could be a redesign of the PS5, all so there could be more consoles on shelves.

During the meeting, Sony also revealed it has seen a drop in monthly active users on the PlayStation Network, from 114 million last year to 109 million at the end of March.

Despite the drop in users, Totoki stated to analysts he "can't imagine demand dropping easily." Sony revealed that it sold 7.8 million PS5 consoles since its release in November, and the report states the company has a target of selling 14.8 million by the end of the fiscal year.

Sony's library of PS5 games is now starting to expand, with the release of sci-fi third-person shooter Returnal and the hugely-anticipated Ratchet & Clack: Rift Apart coming to the platform soon. With big hitters such as God of War: Ragnarök and Horizon: Forbidden West coming down the line, demand for Sony's next-gen console will only increase. 

Where to buy a PS5

While having Sony confirm that restock issues will continue until 2022 isn't good news, it doesn't mean it's impossible to finally nab a PS5.

If you're in the market for a PS5, check out our PS5 UK stock watch and our PS5 US stock watch for a better chance to get your hands on the next-gen console. Unfortunately, stocks will always be in short supply at some of the biggest retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and Currys PC World.

However, there are several Twitter accounts that keep close tabs on availability and alert their followers when the console goes on sale. Be sure to follow accounts such as @PS5StockAlerts and PS5 Stock UK to help you out. Happy hunting!

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