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PS5 and Xbox Series X may be available in-store at Target on launch day — how to get them

Xbox Series X with controller and PS5 with controller
(Image credit: Microsoft/Sony)

The PS5 is sure to be one of the hottest products through the holidays, alongside the Xbox Series X. And after the mess that was the pre-order process, I'm sure there are many of you that haven't secured a PS5 ahead of next week's launch.

While we've given you some advice on finding a PS5 on launch day already, new details have emerged courtesy of the Target support team on Twitter clarifying how you might be able to pick up a PS5 in-store on launch day (via Tom's Guide).

Now before you head off to camp out in front of Target on November 12, you won't be able to simply walk into the store and get a PS5 on launch day. According to Target's support team, the only way to get a PS5 in-store on launch day is by placing an Order Pickup or Drive Up order for it online.

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In what may cause some unfortunate flashbacks to the PS5 pre-order fiasco, we don't know when exactly the PS5 will be available to simply order on launch day. Again, that's going to be a matter of sitting in front of the PS5 page on and hitting refresh.

Naturally, if they don't sell out, the PS5's shipped to the local stores will be made available on the shelves eventually, but I wouldn't count on that happening in many locations.

While the original question put to the team was regarding the PS5, they offered an identical answer regarding the Xbox Series X for its November 10 launch. So Xbox fans you'll actually get to be the guinea pigs for this little experiment, good luck!