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Apple Just Killed the MacBook Air with Good Keyboard and 12-inch MacBook

Apple has discontinued the 12-inch MacBook and the last-gen MacBook Air

Both laptops vanished from Apple's website earlier today while the new Retina MacBook Air and MacBook Pro received updates. Apple has not formally announced the fate of the previous MacBook Air or 12-inch MacBook, but we have confirmed that these two systems are now discontinued.

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While there's no denying that the 12-inch MacBook desperately needed an update, especially after Apple released the Retina MacBook Air last year, we don't quite feel the same way about the last-gen MacBook Air. Yes, that notebook was severely outdated with its 5th Gen CPU and ancient design; however, the non-Retina MacBook Air was the last remaining Apple laptop without the troubled Butterfly-switch keyboard. That alone made it a good choice for those who needed a reliable laptop for basic tasks. 

Along with removing the last-gen MacBook Air and 12-inch MacBook from its site, Apple refreshed the Retina MacBook Air with a True Tone display and reduced its price to $1,099, or $999 for students (down from $1,199). Apple has also updated the $1,299 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, Touch ID and 8th-gen Intel Core CPUs. 

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