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GoToMyPC 7 Pro Review

Our Verdict

This intuitive remote-access app lets you easily get to your home or office computer from miles away and offers smooth performance.


  • Easy to use and configure
  • Worked quickly for most tasks


  • Limited functionality in browser version
  • Longer install process than competitors'
  • Few options for diagnostics

A powerful but simple-to-use remote access tool for PCs and Macs, GoToMyPC Pro lets users get to files and apps on their computers from thousands of miles away, using nothing but a web browser. Unlike the basic version, the Pro plan also lets admins remotely monitor and manage users. Is this the best app for those on the go who need to tap into their home PC? Read on.


GoToMyPC is simple to install--you just log in at and download the non-browser client. During installation, which took about 15 minutes, the app froze when trying to figure out remote printer settings, but it eventually worked. Oddly, the installer hides the progress bar, making it hard to know when the app is done installing.

When we ran GoToMyPC from a remote laptop, we initiated a session from a web browser, which launched a client app. (The company also has a purely browser-based version, but it's stripped of most features, and only lets you run apps and transfer files.)

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We were pleased to see that GoToMyPC Pro worked smoothly and never crashed during our tests. We easily connected to our notebook remotely from a coffee shop. As with LogMeIn Pro, we could easily drag and drop files from the remote desktop to our laptop. However, when it came to multimedia, GoToMyPC performed better.

Click to enlargeOnce connected, a Manchester Orchestra album played remotely on iTunes sounded only slightly distorted, and a Battlestar Galactica episode wasn't perfect, but was much more smooth than with LogMeIn.

GoToMyPC worked well on every browser we used-- Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari; LogMeIn only supports limited functionality on Chrome.

The Pro and Corporate versions of GoToMyPC let you manage multiple computers and even send an e-mail to someone to install the client. The management features are more simplistic than LogMeIn Pro2 but easier to use because of how GoToMyPC has designed its clean, accessible web interface. You see a clear list of which computers are available for remote sessions and can change passwords and lock out users.

However, GoToMyPC Pro does not provide nearly as many diagnostic and configuration options as LogMeIn Pro2. You can tweak desktop resolution and remote computer performance (such as disabling the windowing effects on the remote computer), but there's no direct access for seeing things such as the amount of virtual memory or open CPU processes, like there is with LogMeIn.

Sorry, there's no smartphone version, but a free iPad version--which works much like the browser-only version--lets you view your desktop and supports gestures for clicking.


GoToMyPC Pro costs $19.95 per month or $198 per year, and it provides access for two users and one administrator; each additional user costs $9.95 per month. GoToMyPC Corporate is designed for larger corporations; pricing varies depending on the size of the company. A simpler version, GoToMyPC, designed for an individual user, doesn't offer management features, and costs $9.95 per month (or $99 per year) per computer; each additional computer costs $9.95. By comparison, LogMeIn Pro2 costs $12.20 per month, or $69.95 per year per computer for up to 25 computers.

As mentioned, GoToMyPC only has an iPad app--LogMeIn has apps for iOS and Android devices--but the former is free, while the latter, LogMeIn Ignition, costs $30.


In many ways, GoToMyPC is similar to LogMeInPro2. Both offer a quick and easy way to access your desktop remotely. While LogMeIn Pro has more robust tools for analyzing your notebook, GoToMyPC Pro gets a slight edge only because we prefer its slightly faster log-in process and its superior performance in Google Chrome.

Tech Specs

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PlatformsMac, Windows