Ferrari Cavallino T350 by Logic3 Headphones Review

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The Pros

Beautiful leather design; Excellent audio quality; Great noise cancellation; Comfortable

The Cons

Requires two AAA batteries; Can't listen without power


The luxurious Ferrari Cavallino T350 by Logic3 headphones offer excellent audio and active noise cancellation.

In Italian, cavallino means "little horse," so it's only appropriate that the Ferrari Cavallino T350 by Logic3 headphones are not only as graceful as a young equine, but as powerful as one, too. These beautiful cans offer detailed and balanced audio, and active noise cancellation, too. Still, at $399, they're the audio equivalent of buying a Ferrari itself. Are they worth the investment?

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Che Bella! Those were the words that came to mind when we opened the box containing the Ferrari Cavallino T350 by Logic3 headphones. Initially, we were disappointed at the lack of Ferrari red in the Cavallinos--that color is reserved for the Scuderia headphone line--but quickly came to realize that these headphones most resembled not the outside, but the inside of the classic Italian sports cars.

The headband and the cups are trimmed in soft tan leather--you can opt for black leather, but we prefer the tan. You'll also find adjustable metallic silver bands and cups, the outside of which have a mesh pattern. Black

leather covers some of the softest ear pads we've felt, which made it easy to wear these 11.9-ounce headphones for hours at a stretch.

Of course, how could you have a Ferrari-branded anything without that company's iconic logo? The silver horse is emblazoned smack in the middle of each earcup. The left cup unscrews to reveal two AAA batteries, while

the right cup has a switch to turn the headphones on and off.

The headphones come with a plastic carrying case that has a carbon-fiber look, as well as three woven cords: One with iOS controls (volume and play/pause/Siri), one for Android devices (a single button), and one plain cord. The latter two also have a mic built in, which can be used to make phone calls, too.


Powered by dual 40mm drivers, the T350s offer excellent, balanced audio across all genres of music.

Compared to the Parrot Ziks, audio was more detailed and brighter. High-hats and cymbals in songs such as Sting's "Love Is The Seventh Wave" came through more clearly, and bass, while present and driving, wasn't overwhelming.

Song such as Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" also sounded fuller and warmer on the T350s compared to the Ziks. Both the bass line and the high synthesizer in Kool and the Gang's "Summer Madness" came through clearly without competing with each other, and the ethereal track seemed to float around our head.

Noise Cancellation

Whether we were on a subway, an airplane or in a Starbucks, the active noise cancellation in the T350s did an effective job in attenuating outside noise. They blocked the same amount of noise as the Parrot Ziks.

Like the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones, the T350s require two AAA batteries, and will not work without power. The Parrot Ziks, which have a built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, will work even if the noise cancellation is turned off.

Phone Calls

The inline controls on the T350's cord have a built-in mic, which can be used for phone calls as well as Siri, in the case of iOS devices. A caller said she could hear us clearly on the other end.


The Ferrari Cavallino T350s are an impressive marriage of style and substance. Not only do these headphones ooze sophistication, they offer just as good, if not better, audio quality. They're also supremely comfortable to wear. (And, they'll go great with your Testarossa.) If you're looking for more features the $399 Parrot Zik by Starck headphones are a better choice. Those high-tech cans combine great audio quality with noise cancellation, touch controls, NFC and Bluetooth. However, if you're looking for a head-turning design that backs up its luxurious looks and comfort with sweet sound, the Ferrari Cavallino T350s will make you very happy.


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