Xbox Series X controller update rolls out — here's the problem it fixes

Xbox Series X Controller
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The Xbox Series X controller, like the PS5 DualSense, has gotten some negative press from the swarm of complaints Microsoft has received from disappointed gamers. The gaming giant assured customers that it would rectify these issues, and this week, Xbox followed through with its promise.

In case you missed it, Microsoft rolled out a huge system update this week. While many gushed over the new FPS boost, Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald reminded gamers that the update also fixed connection issues that plagued the Xbox Series X controller (via SlashGear).

Xbox March system update rectifies controller issues

This week is filled with exciting Xbox news, including a brand-spankin' new March update that added FPS boost technology to some backward compatible games and an avalanche of new Bethesda games for Xbox Game Pass.

Amid all the hoopla, Ronald didn't want Xbox fans to forget another important aspect of the March update: resolved controller issues.

As we reported last week, Microsoft (along with Sony and Nintendo) faced backlash from disappointed gamers experiencing issues with their controllers. Some owners of the Xbox Series X controller reported issues with unresponsive buttons while others are plagued with poor connection problems.

The new March Xbox update doesn't address the unresponsive buttons, but it does rectify the connection problems. Reports about the Xbox Series X frequently disconnecting from devices started trickling in last November. One customer called out the issue on Microsoft's Community forum and the post snowballed into 89 pages of commiseration and "I'm having the same issue" complaints. Yikes!

While this March update addresses the connection issues gamers have been enduring, Microsoft isn't out of the woods yet. It still has to find a solution that will appease Xbox Series X controller owners who are dealing with unresponsive buttons.

Last week the Redmond-based tech giant acknowledged that some players are experiencing issues with unresponsiveness with their new Xbox Series X controllers and it is actively working on a fix. We'll be sure to let you know when Microsoft discovers a solution.

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