Xbox Series X controller: Reports about faulty buttons are trickling in — here's Microsoft's response

Xbox Series X Controller
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The Xbox Series X controller is now in the hot seat after several reports of unresponsive buttons have trickled in as more gamers get their hands on the difficult-to-secure console.

We first heard gamers reporting issues with the Series X controller in mid-November, according to a Reddit thread spotted by The Loadout. Now, the growing number of reports seem to be significant enough to compel Microsoft to work on a solution for malfunctioning controllers.

Xbox Series X controller users report issues with unresponsive buttons

It's been four months since the release of the Xbox Series X and reports about its unresponsive controller are piling up. We're unsure how widespread this issue is, but according to the Loadout, Microsoft is aware of the problem and is currently working on a solution.

“At Microsoft, we put all of our products through rigorous quality assurance testing and are committed to providing customers with an unparalleled gaming experience,” the Redmond-based tech giant told Loadout. “We are aware some players may be experiencing unresponsiveness with their new Xbox Wireless Controllers and our teams are actively working on a solution. For the best experience, we encourage customers to visit Xbox Support for assistance.”

To get a better understanding of what's going on with the Series X controller, The Loadout got an anecdotal perspective from a FIFA PC gamer who goes by the name "SK Lee." SK Lee purchased the Series X controller to upgrade from their Logitech F310 controller, but they quickly realized it was more of a downgrade.

“The [Series X] controller consistently failed me several times in a 15-minute game,” they said, pointing out that the game pad's A and X buttons occasionally failed to respond, but the Y button was the worst of the three. Properly functioning buttons are crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience, especially for titles that require differing levels of button-press intensity like FIFA.

"Pressing the Y button down with more force and for longer will put more power on a through ball than a light tap [in FIFA]," The Loadout said, "which could be the difference between passing to your own player or missing them completely."

The Xbox Series X joins the growing list of current-gen consoles that have faced backlash for their faulty controllers, including the PS5 and the Nintendo Switch for their issues with drift.

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