Ray-Ban Stories drops 20% in Prime Day 2022 deal! Get the glasses that capture high-res videos

RayBan Stories Prime Day deal
RayBan Stories Prime Day deal (Image credit: Meta)

Why is no one talking about the Ray-Ban Stories Prime Day deal on Amazon? Amazon Prime Day 2022 is heating up, and while everyone is scrambling to snag the best TV, laptop, phone and tablet discounts, people need to consider adding these smart glasses to their arsenal of cool tech.

Originally $300, Meta's Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are now $240. What can these do? Well, they're stylish sunglasses that can record video and take photos — hands free! I have a pair of myself, and I am in absolute awe at the high-resolution content it captures. Not only can it capture photo and video, but it also take calls and lets you listen to music while it's connected to your phone via Bluetooth. 

Ray-Ban Stories: was $300, now $240 @ Amazon

Ray-Ban Stories: was $300, now $240 @ Amazon
They're not just sunglasses. They're smart sunglasses that can take high-res photos. They can take high-quality videos, too, but up to 60 seconds. These spectacles can also take calls and allow you to listen to music. I've tested these smart glasses myself, and the audio is crisp, the videos are sharp, and I sound as clear as day on the mics.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, teamed up with Ray-Ban to deliver a pair of stylish smart glasses that can capture high-res videos and photos. I know what you're thinking, "Smart glasses that can output high-quality content? No way!" But you can take my word for it because I own a pair and my gallery of Ray-Ban Stories videos and photos blow me away.

With just a quick touch of a button, you can capture photos and videos hands free! So if you're hiking and you want to record you adventures, you can do so without need to dig into your backpack for your phone.

Not only that, but you can also listen to your favorite songs and podcasts with Ray-Ban Stories. The temples feature a hyper-responsive touchpad that allows you to turn up the volume and skip tracks. You can also take calls with Ray-Ban stories. You can hear the person on the other end with crystal-clear audio. And on their end, they'll hear the same as you speak into the three-mic array.

Ray-Ban Stories is $60 off its original price at Amazon, and I wouldn't want you to miss out on such a cool, technological feat!

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