PS5 restock is now live at Walmart — last chance Cyber Monday offer

PS5 and Xbox Series X Restock
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PS5 Cyber Monday deals are coming in by the truckload, but if you're still on the hunt for a PlayStation 5, Walmart has confirmed a PS5 restock is happening right now. Kicking off at 12pm ET today, this will probably be one of your best and chances to pick one up on Cyber Monday 2021.

This will be exclusive to Walmart+ members and given how quickly these restocks sell out, you'll want to get signed up. As we know, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are virtually impossible to pick up, but to get one this week, while not discounted, may just be the best Cyber Monday buy of the whole sales season. 

First, you'll need a Walmart+ subscription. While there's a 15-day free trial, trial users won't be able to access the Cyber Monday PS5 restock. 

Walmart+ subscription: $12.95 per month or $98 per year

Walmart+ subscription: $12.95 per month or $98 per year
Beyond the benefits listed above, Walmart+ also grants you free delivery and shipping, cheaper fuel and Rx, and a Scan and Go service that streamlines your shopping experience by allowing you to scan in-store items and pay for them entirely on your phone.

PS5 restock 

Sony PS5 Console: $499 @ WalmartThis deal starts November 29 at 12pm ET for Walmart Plus paid members.

Sony PS5 Console: $499 @ Walmart
Walmart Plus members with a paid account get early access four hours before everyone else. While we don't expect deals on the PlayStation 5 console, due to its high demand, finding the PS5 in stock is a deal in itself. With boasts of incredibly powerful components, stunning 4K graphics, and backward compatibility, the Sony PlayStation 5 is the Editor's Choice gaming console. This deal starts November 29 at 12pm ET for Walmart Plus paid members.

Sony PS5 Console (Digital Edition): $399 @ Walmart
This deal starts November 29 at 12pm ET.

Sony PS5 Console (Digital Edition): $399 @ Walmart
You can check for PS5 restocks at Walmart on November 29. The Editor's Choice Sony PS5 features fast loading, a speedy SSD, and great backward compatibility. The Digital Edition PS5 has all the same features as the standard PS5 console, minus a disc drive. This deal starts November 29 at 12pm ET.

We’re big fans of the PS5, and it’s pretty clear a lot of you are too, as it’s become phenomenally hard to pick one up this year. With this Cyber Monday Walmart restock, now's your best chance to finally pick one up.

Whether it's the standard PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, fast loading, a speedy SSD, great backwards compatibility and the chance to play the best PS5 games around. If you manage to pick one up, you'll want to check out the killer Cyber Monday gaming deals available, too.

Cyber Monday 2021 is in full swing, and if you miss your chance to get your hands on a PS5 for the holidays, there are always fantastic Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals to check out. 

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