Laptop Mag's Ultimate Home Office Awards return for 2024

Laptop Mag presents the Ultimate Home Office Awards 2024
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My memory is a little hazy, so the details elude me on this one. However, at some point in 2020, the number of people working from home exploded like never before. Since then, we've been working hard to review hundreds of products designed to supply those folks with the best home office experience possible.

Those efforts have spawned our very own Ultimate Home Office Awards, an annual showcase of the best consumer tech and accessories — backed by the recommendations of Laptop Mag's excellent roster of writers, editors, and reviewers.

We're happy to announce that Laptop Mag's Ultimate Home Office Awards are returning for 2024! We're currently fielding nominations from brands big and small, well-known and rising, to shine a spotlight on the absolute best home office tech there is with our goal to introduce you all to this year's winners in May 2024.

Laptop Mag's Ultimate Home Office Awards 2024

The Ultimate Home Office Awards are a major fixture in our calendar and give us a chance to introduce our audience to a wide selection of the best home office tech there is.

Last year's winners spanned over 25 categories and brought some well-earned attention to many fantastic devices including the excellent Acer Swift 14, the incredible Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and the dazzling Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (Gen 2).

But it also saw us praise monitors from Samsung, LG, and ViewSonic alongside mouse and keyboard peripherals from Lenovo. When it came to acknowledging accessories and peripherals, JLab, Plugable, Anker, BenQ, Linksys, 1More, and Questyle were all awarded for contributions to audio, docking stations/USB-C hubs, lighting, and webcams.

Work from home essentials

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Whether you're looking to improve your work-from-home nook or expand on an already flourishing workspace, our Ultimate Home Office Awards are seals of approval that cover multiple categories and needs.

This year's categories will span far and wide in a quest to deliver the ultimate work-from-home winning formula. You can find a sneak peek at some of these categories below:

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Monitors
  • Mouse
  • Docking stations
  • Headphones
  • Computer speakers
  • Wi-Fi/Mesh Routers

  • Tablets
  • All-in-One PCs
  • Keyboards
  • Webcam
  • USB Type-C hubs
  • Headsets
  • Microphones
  • Home Office chairs

This year, we're also introducing a special category, "Home Office Must Haves." While the rest of our categories will highlight the best-in-class options from our available nominations, Home Office Must Haves gives us a chance to highlight many of the products that don't quite fit the mold but are worthy of our recommendation.

We're looking forward to bringing some of these often-overlooked office essentials into the limelight, with a host of products expected to receive this badge and, in turn, our expert recommendation.

It's a wildcard category, to be sure. However, the number of fantastic work-from-home options is almost impossible to cover within our regular Ultimate Home Office Awards categories and we want to make 2024's awards one of the biggest and best selections of consumer tech to date.

What to expect & how to apply

As mentioned earlier, we're currently fielding a host of nominations from companies and manufacturers with more arriving by the day. We'll be collecting further entrants throughout the month, with a deadline in place for April 30.

We'll be spending this time getting familiar with nominated products, judging them with the same scrutiny and expert analysis as any product that we review, before announcing our selection of winners in May 2024.

If you feel like your brand is worthy of consideration across any of our open categories or that it's deserving of being labeled a Home Office Must Have, then instructions on how to nominate products can be found on the official Laptop Mag Ultimate Home Office Awards website.

We look forward to sharing our selection of winners in May. Until then, keep your eyes peeled on Laptop Mag for the latest news and reviews of the best consumer tech available today.

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