Incredible! JBL Live 460NC headphones are half off in this Prime Day sale

JBL Live 460NC
(Image credit: JBL)

Prime Day 2022 has just arrived in a blaze of glory, and now's the best time to save on all things tech. The JBL Live 460NC is currenly being offered at a staggering discount, so don't wait or else this deal will evaporate into thin air.

Right now you can purchase the JBL Live 460NC for just $65 at Amazonwhich takes 50% off of its original cost.

JBL Live 460NC: was $130 now $65 @ Amazon

JBL Live 460NC: was $130 now $65 @ Amazon
The JBL Live 460NC is an inexpensive over the ear headphone with wireless, Bluetooth connectivity and an included charger. It's also equipped with 40mm drivers and the ability to switch to Adaptive Noise Cancelling mode. It can also survive up to 50 hours on a charge without noise cancelling on, or 40 hours with it on.

The JBL Live 460NC is a high quality over the ear headphone that should not be passed up by anyone in need of a listening device. With 40mm drivers and an Adaptive Noise Cancelling mode, these high quality speakers being $65 off is no joke. Featuring 50 hour battery life without noise cancelling on, the JBL Live 460NC should be worth it.

The JBL app also allows you to set up which voice assistant you prefer to use, which can then be used to text friends, begin music playlists, check the weather and more. 

With the JBL Live 460NC, you'll be able to take long trips and not have to abandon your favorite music. Just be sure to keep it charged, and even if you have to leave in a hurry, it can get four hours of juice from 10 minutes of charging.

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