5 early Black Friday deals on content creator gear I use

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Black Friday is approaching and as a content creator who films a great deal for everything from tech reviews to short films and e-commerce, I rely on a lot of different gear. It's not just about the cameras and audio. Lighting, cages, backpacks, nuts, and screws of every kind come into play, even when just filming at my desk. 

Recently, I have been using a lot of gear from Neewer that is durable and affordable. If you're not James Gunn or Taika Waititi, you're probably on a very tight budget, so getting the best for less matters. 

You can snag some Early Black Friday deals on Neewer gear at Amazon, with savings up to 50%.

Black Friday will soon be here, and we're sharing the best deals on everything content creators need. We have you covered from phones, laptops, cameras, and audio gear. 

Trippod Deal

NEEWER TP22 63"/160cm Travel Tripod: $149 $85 @ Amazon

NEEWER TP22 63"/160cm Travel Tripod: $149 $85 @ Amazon
This lightweight aluminum tripod features squared legs to provide extra strength and durability. Its smooth motion hydraulic head grants you 360 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt. 

It weighs only 3.1 pounds and will slip easily into your backpack while weighing less than many laptops. The Fluid head can handle 17.6 lbs of camera, lens, and gear connected to your rig. Overall, the Tripod can take a load of up to 44 pounds.  It also comes with a carrying case. Save 20% on this Tripod and much more. 

Lighting Deal

NEEWER On Camera Dimmable 176 LED Lighting Panel: $75 $51 @ B&H

NEEWER On Camera Dimmable 176 LED Lighting Panel: $75 $51 @ B&H
This on-camera light is one of my favorites, and it has saved me on several shoots, providing me all the light I needed. Featuring 176 LED lights, it pushes 1320 lumens of brightness, with a color temperature range of 3,200K to 5,600K. 

It connects via your camera's cold shoe or a cold shoe available on your camera cage. It's a great LED light for run and gun shooters and those who shoot wedding photography.

Camera Backpack Deal

Neewer Pro Waterproof Camera Backpack: $89 $71 @ Neewer

Neewer Pro Waterproof Camera Backpack: $89 $71 @ Neewer
Save 20% on the Neewer Pro Waterproof Camera Backpack at checkout. This camera backpack is waterproof and comes with an anti-theft combination lock while having enough space for one camera and a drone. If you don't need to carry your drone, you can quickly get two cameras with several lenses. It has all the padded pockets and laptop/tablet room you need. 

You can also carry two tripods and a water bottle to keep you hydrated while out filming all day. This versatile backpack is on sale right now and makes a great gift for the content creator in your life. 

Cages and Accessories Deal

NEEWER CA020 Panasonic S5 II Cage S5 IIX Cage: $59 $53 @ Amazon via coupon

NEEWER CA020 Panasonic S5 II Cage S5 IIX Cage: $59 $53 @ Amazon via coupon
Seamlessly compatible with Panasonic LUMIX S5 II and S5 IIX, this camera cage is designed to protect your camera and attach additional accessories. The fit is perfect, and the bottom is rubberized to protect your camera. Once you have this cage mounted to your camera, the rigging is limitless, as you have access to two cold shoes, 19 1/4 threaded holes, 6 3/8 threaded holes, 2 threaded 1/4 locating holes, 3 3/8 thread Arri locating holes, and 1 NATO rail. 

Although made of durable metal, it only weighs 4.5 ounces, which makes a huge difference when carrying it around all day. I've been using this cage for the Panasonic Lumix S5IIX, and it's been excellent, allowing me to rig it with various audio setups, monitors, lights, and multiple Neewer handles. 

Bonus Deal

NEEWER Smartphone Video Rig, Phone Video Stabilizer: $19 @ Amazon

NEEWER Smartphone Video Rig, Phone Video Stabilizer: $19 @ Amazon
Many young content creators use phones instead of shelling out for an expensive DSLR. This phone rig from Neewer gives the content creator a lot of freedom, making it easy to rig up lights, mics, and handles that provide better filming stability.  

I love shooting with my DSLR, but when I am shooting with one of my phones, I like to rig it up with this vlogging kit cage and accessories. It's complete and. covers all my needs. 

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