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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 release date and design leaked: What we know

Surface Pro 7
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Microsoft is long overdue to upgrade its flagship Surface Pro line of detachable tablets with the Surface Pro 8

The Surface Pro 7 was released in October 2019 and even then, it was looking...well, dated. Now we're well into 2021 and all we've seen is a slightly upgraded version called the Surface Pro 7+, and it's meant only for business users.

So, what's going on with the Surface Pro 8? Don't worry Microsoft fans, the convertible tablet is still on its way based on the latest credible leak. Windows Latest, citing sources familiar with its development, claims the Surface Pro 7+ was meant for business users only to make room for the Surface Pro 8, which will be released in the fall. 

That is both good and bad news for Surface loyalists. Yes, the Surface Pro 8 is on its way, but you'll have to wait until the end of the year. If Microsoft follows its typical launch schedule, the Pro 8 will drop in October (or November if it slips further), two years after the Surface Pro 7. 

You would think, then, that Microsoft would bring significant changes to the Surface Pro 8. In some ways, it will. However, the design of the new model, while supposedly bringing improvements, won't be a complete overhaul. We hope this means the Surface Pro 8 at least will have slimmer bezels similar to the Surface Pro X. Only time will tell. 

We can also expect the Surface Pro 8 to bring performance improvements. If we had to guess, the tablet will be equipped with the latest Intel 11th Gen CPUs, the same used in the latest flock of laptops. We're also hearing that the tablet could get up to 32GB of RAM, which would be surprising for such a compact machine (many ultra-thin laptops stop at 16GB). 

We've been eagerly anticipating the Surface Pro 8 especially after the Surface Pro 7 disappointed with below-average battery life and the Surface Pro X remains hamstrung by its ARM-based processor and high price. 

A refresh with a modernized design and new internals would be nice, but I can't help but feel it's time for the Surface Pro lineup to take its next step

Phillip Tracy

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