Windows 10's Newest Feature Helps Save Battery Life

Microsoft's latest addition to Windows 10 is built for those app-loving, multi-tasking users who push their laptops to the limit, causing their battery life to walk along the razor's edge.

Dubbed Power Throttling, the upcoming feature will help Windows spend "minimal possible battery" on apps running in the background, which Microsoft says will allow for up to 11 percent less CPU-based power consumption.

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Available now in Windows Insider Preview build 16176 for computers featuring 6th-gen and later Intel Core processors, Power Throttling appears to be a better version of Apple's App Nap for macOS. Instead of telling the app to draw less energy, Windows will simply put its proverbial foot on the brake for the resources going to said apps.

Power Throttling also identifies apps that it shouldn't hamper, even if you don't have them in the foreground. That's because it doesn't target apps playing music, and those it categorizes as related to "important work" based on user activity patterns.

To activate Power Throttling manually, open up the Battery Saver slider and select Battery Saver or Recommended. It can be deactivated by selecting Best Performance.

You can also manually white-list apps from Windows 10 Power Throttling. Just open Settings, select System, select Battery and click Battery Usage by App. Then select an app, toggle the Managed by Windows setting to Off, and uncheck “Reduce work app does when in background."

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