Windows 10 Cloud Leak Points to Chromebook Competitor

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We've heard rumblings of Microsoft working on a lightweight version of Windows 10 for months, and the latest rumor all-but-confirms its plan. A leaked document details the minimum specs for running the Windows 10 Cloud operating system, as well as comparing current Windows 10 performance to that of Chromebooks.

lenovo ideapad 110s w g02Credit: Jeremy Lips/Laptop Mag

A leaked slide obtained by Windows Central details that a system needs a quad-core processor (Celeron or better), 4GB of RAM, 32GB (for 32-bit) or 64GB (for 64-bit) of storage, fast eMMC or SSD storage and a battery larger than 40 watt-hours. The document also compares battery life and other performance benchmarks for Windows 10 Creators Update machines to those of Chromebooks.

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The document notes that Windows machines take 15 to 5 seconds to boot, whereas Chromebooks need only 10 seconds to an instant to boot.

schoolCredit: Windows Central

Current battery life across platforms is almost a push, with the document noting that both Windows laptops and Chromebooks advertise 10+ hours and deliver "all day" performance. The key difference is that only "most students" get all day performance out of Windows, while all students last all day on a Chromebook.

Windows battery life may catch up with new power throttling feature currently undergoing Insider testing. It's expected in September's Windows unnamed update (internally called Redstone 3).

Since the slide is focused on student performance, we can expect to learn more about Windows Cloud at Microsoft's upcoming education event on May 2.

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