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Ubuntu PC-Phone Hybrids to Arrive This October

Move over iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. There's a new player coming . . . in October. According to Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, phones running the Linux-based Ubuntu OS will hit the market this coming fall.

 So what's the main draw behind an Ubuntu phone? Unlike other smartphone operating systems, handsets loaded with Ubuntu will be running a full-fledged desktop version of the OS. This means that you can plug a monitor, mouse and keyboard into it and use it as you would a desktop PC. The idea is to allow Ubuntu phone users to take advantage of virtualization, which would allow them to use Windows programs with these devices. If this is executed smoothly, it could cut into the sales of business notebooks and tablets.

The Ubuntu source code should be out later this month, which will give way to application development. It's worth noting that Shuttleworth previously indicated that a 2014 release for an Ubuntu handset is a possiblity, so this bump up has raised a few eyebrows. Nevertheless, we're eagerly anticipating the arrival of these devices so that we can put them through their paces and see if they function as advertised.

via Ars Technica