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Touch-Friendly Ubuntu Comes to Smartphones

Good news Linux lovers! Canonical has announced that the Ubuntu, the open source OS, has made the leap to smartphones. According to the press release, the mobile iteration of the OS has undergone a few tweaks such as creating a new UI optimized for smaller displays.  Canonical plans to target the enterprise market, installing the mobile OS on both entry-level and high-end devices.

Unlike current smartphones, users will rely on thumb gestures utilizing the four corners of the device to navigate between apps and find content.  Ubuntu users can also expect to use voice and text commands in any application. When docked, the device will offer full PC capability. In terms of storage, there's Ubuntu One, Canonical's cloud service. Android users can get in on the action via Ubuntu for Android. Canonical sees Android and any open source OS as its direct competition. The company promises a more open experience than Android, as well as a faster, sharper user experience.

Canonical reps have yet to provide an exact date for the first Ubuntu smartphones, or which carriers will opt to carry the new devices. However with such a late entry into the mobile arena, the new device doesn't stand a chance of toppling Apple or Android. If it can win over Windows or BlackBerry fans, it might have a decent chance of snagging the number three spot in the smartphone wars.

The company claims the Ubuntu OS will be ready by the fourth quarter of this year.