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How to Get the T-Mobile iPhone 5 for Nothing Up Front

T-Mobile is offering the iPhone 5 for $0 down, and up to $120 in T-Mobile credit, for trading in their old iPhone 4 or 4S. Customers will still be responsible for $20 monthly phone payments, for 24 months, on top of T-Mobile's Simple Choice monthly service plan. Without the trade in offer, the iPhone 5 costs $99.99 at purchase, meaning users can get up to $220 in savings by trading their old iPhone and service plan and joining T-Mobile.

Additionally, users who switch to T-Mobile's new plan will save money compared to other major carriers. Unfortunately, T-Mobile doesn't yet have the same extensive 4G coverage as either AT&T or Verizon, but the high speed data coverage is constantly expanding and is now available in seven major metropolitan areas, including Baltimore, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

“Our message to iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 customers is simple: bring in your device and trade up to iPhone 5 on T-Mobile,” said Mike Sievert, chief marketing officer for T-Mobile. “We’re making it incredibly attractive to buy an iPhone 5 by pairing an un-beatable upfront price and trade-in offer with Simple Choice, the most hassle-free and affordable rate plan in wireless.”

The iPhone 5 will be available on T-Mobile starting April 12th and the trade-in deal will be offered until June 16th. However, with a new iPhone rumored to be unveiled the following month, users will need to choose between taking advantage of T-Mobile's tempting deal and waiting to see the new features in the next generation of the iPhone.