Tim Cook makes one thing very clear about the May 7 Apple Event

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After announcing the 'Let Loose' event for May 7, Apple is now setting the wheels in motion for the hype-train to build up momentum. While we can expect new M2-donning iPad Airs and M3-equipped iPad Pros to appear at May's pre-taped showcase, Tim Cook took to X to whet our appetite a little more as we eagerly await a fresh bite of the Apple.

Marketing budgets, be damned! Sometimes all it takes is a brief word from your company figurehead to set the news cycle alight. Apple's popular CEO was short on words and even shorter on subtlety when he sent out the call to "Pencil us in for May 7! ✏ #AppleEvent."

Following this brief teaser is a short animation of the 'Let Loose' event's key art, which depicts the Apple logo drawn through several styles and designs—leaving no room for misinterpretation, and nothing for the second date. It's clear. There'll be big news ahead for the Apple Pencil.

Pencil us in, too

Color me in-trigued, especially since it wasn't long ago that Apple gave its popular stylus a universal upgrade for iPad owners—a USB-C refresh with M2 Hover functionality, tilt-sensitivity, and a tempting price tag of just $79.

Whether we can expect an all-new Apple Pencil touting brand spanking new features, or if we can expect a USB-C refit for a more feature-flush model remains to be seen. However, artists, designers, and doodlers alike should pay close attention to the May 7 event for a chance to 'Let Loose' with a fresh new accessory for iPad.

Laptop Mag will, of course, be keeping you up to speed with all of the information surrounding Apple's upcoming event and everything showcased throughout. So be sure to follow us on on XFacebook, and Flipboard for the latest word as it arrives.

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