Microsoft Refunds Surface Pro 3 Battery Replacements

The Surface Pro 3 has gotten a bit of bad reputation around its battery life following problems with batteries manufactured by both Simplio and LG.

While Microsoft quietly fixed a problem for LG batteries today via a firmware update, the company is also refunding out-of-warranty charges for replacement tablets. Microsoft stayed mum on the issue for awhile and its support team was charging $450 for replacement units, according to Neowin.

It's not the first time — Microsoft issued these kinds of refunds for those who had problems with Simplio batteries earlier in the year.

You can find a FAQ from Microsoft about the refunds here. It suggests that if you were eligible for a refund you were likely already contacted, so be sure to check your spam mail. 

Have you heard from Microsoft about a refund? Let us know in the comments. 

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