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Sony Concept Tablet Could Come to Market as QWERTY-Slider 'VAIO U'

How about some keyboard to go with your tablet?  A leaked ad suggests Sony may release a tablet with a large display and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, making it a competitor to the critically popular ASUS Eee Pad Slider Android slate.  The Sony VAIO U, as the product is christened in the advertisement, is marketed as a "powerful notebook PC", which means it could leverage the touch-friendly, tablet-ready Windows 8 operating system.

While the software and internals are left to our imagination, the hardware shown does flashes some leg--albeit not much. Center stage is the QWERTY keyboard, complete with a Windows Home button in the traditional location. Below the chiclet keys rest what could be left and right mouse buttons, and along the right side is a full-size USB port.

It should be noted that the VAIO U looks very similar to a concept slider tablet we examined at CES 2012. That particular device also boasted a QWERTY keyboard and large touch screen display, but it also included stylus input and a much more smooth, wheel-based sliding mechanism. Check out the below hands on video we captured during CES to see for yourself.

Missing from the advertisement is a mention of stylus support, a feature that the concept tablet boldly flaunted at CES. As of late, that unique form of touch interactivity has been built into devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note and the LG Optimus Vu tablet, but there's no slate with the versatility of both a slide-out keyboard and pen input.  Of course, there may be hope stylus integration is a part of the VAIO U. The tagline "Think Anything, Do Everything" is pitch-perfect for a device that supports three types of input -- finger, keyboard and stylus.

Via PocketNow