How to Set Up Canned Responses in Gmail

Canned responses are a great resource for those that continually get the same questions or comments via email. If you find yourself using the same email response again and again, it’s probably best to set up a canned response for quicker replies. Once set up, you’ll no longer have to answer the same question for the thousandth time.

1. Log in to Gmail, if necessary.

2. Click the gear icon
on the right and select Settings.

3. Select

Find the Canned Responses option and enable it.

Click compose, and type in the message you’d like to save as a canned response.

Click the arrow at the bottom right of the window and select Canned Responses > New canned response.

Enter a name for the canned response and push OK.

Next time you’re responding to an email, click the respond button like normal, but instead of typing text use the arrow at the bottom right to select your canned response.

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