How to Set Up Canned Responses in Gmail

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Canned responses are a great resource for those that continually get the same questions or comments via email. If you find yourself using the same email response again and again, it’s probably best to set up a canned response for quicker replies. Once set up, you’ll no longer have to answer the same question for the thousandth time.


1. Log in to Gmail, if necessary.


2. Click the gear icon
on the right and select Settings.


3. Select


Find the Canned Responses option and enable it.


Click compose, and type in the message you’d like to save as a canned response.


Click the arrow at the bottom right of the window and select Canned Responses > New canned response.

new response

Enter a name for the canned response and push OK.


Next time you’re responding to an email, click the respond button like normal, but instead of typing text use the arrow at the bottom right to select your canned response.


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  • Phaedron Says:

    [Laptop - it would help if you provided a description of the fields above.]
    This auto-save is a very awkward kluge for a basic function. You create a draft, save it with a unique first few words name (otherwise you won't be able to tell the difference between similar ones in Gmail's popup), then compose a Filter directed at certain recipients, and specify a canned specific response.
    You can't edit already saved responses. (You should delete saved ones first, then save, to avoid indistinguishable response names in the Gmail GUI. Or keep choosing unique names.)
    Anne - when you go to save a canned response there is an option to save a new one in the centre of the current dropdown.
    TechGuy - correct, you can't save a response with recipients because you do that in Settings, Filters..., and choose your recipients there, then save the 'Filter'.
    Paul - copy attachments? Do you want to send files to recipients to whom you send an auto-reply? I'd say that's beyond the scope of the function in March 2019.

  • Anne Callaghan Says:

    I have created many canned responses, but now when I click on the canned responses menu item, all I see is my list of canned responses, no option to create a new one. Is there a limit to the number of canned responses one can create?

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  • TechGuy429 Says:

    Thanks for the article, however i noticed that i can't save a "canned response" with intended email recipients...

  • paul skittone Says:

    can it copy attached files too?

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