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Rumored ASUS Padfone 7 Surfaces Packing Atom Processor

Images and specs for what is alleged to be ASUS' Padfone 7 have hit the Web and it looks as though the phone / tablet amalgamation may include an Intel Atom processor. Appearing on the German-language tech site Mobile Geeks, the specs indicate that the Padfone 7 will sport a 1.2-GHz Intel Atom Z2420 processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of storage space.

The 7-inch Padfone sports an 1280 x 800 IPS display, a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing shooter. Mobile Geeks says that the Padfone will include a huge 4,270 mAh battery with an estimated usage time of nine hours. Thankfully, it looks like the Padfone will come loaded with Google's Android Jelly Bean OS, meaning users will have access to Google Now and offline voice typing. 

If the rumors turn out to be true, the inclusion of an Intel Atom processor would be a significant change in direction for ASUS. The most recent version of the Padfone, the aptly named Padfone 2, came equipped with a Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and 2GB of RAM, rather than the 1GB of RAM the Padfone 7 will supposedly offer.

Pricing for the Padfone 7 could cost between 250 to 300 Euros, and will be shown off a Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. It would make sense for ASUS to show off its newest Padfone at MWC since the company first debuted the original Padfone there last year

If the Padfone 7 is real, we'll be sure to bring you all of the information on it live from Mobile World Congress.

via: Mobile Geeks