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Pure Jongo Wireless Speakers Hands-On: Solid Sound For Every Room

You may have heard of Pure Music’s audio streaming success in the U.K., but the company’s in the spotlight this week for its recently announced Jongo wireless speaker set.

We dug into the specs and details of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled speaker system a few days ago, but recently we spent some ears-on time with the devices at Pure’s CES 2013 booth.

The system, comprised of the S340B and T460B speakers along with a wireless adapter for non-Wi-Fi audio sources, is sold a la carte, with the smaller-but-still-powerful S340B on sale for $229 in the U.S. now.

This tiny device packs four speakers and an up-firing sub-woofer to help maximize sound in a small package. The speakers are arranged in an array that wraps around the device and can be set to fire in whatever direction the audience requires, so music can be tuned to play forward (if the back of the speaker is against the wall, for instance) or backward or, for open-air environments, from both sides. 

Soundwise, the S340B offers room-filling audio. Pure played some R&B tunes and we heard clear highs from the devices. The lows were a little hard to hear, but we were listening on a pre-production model, so we’ll have to wait for a true ears-on call.

Though it's not currently on sale in the U.S., we also got to sample the sound quality on the big-booming A140B. We’ll say this: Adele’s voice is pretty rich, but she sounded even better with all the power of this sound system, even though it too is still a prototype for demos.

Look for the Jongo S340B to launch soon, while Pure says the A140B and the sold-separately wireless adapter will retail sometime later this year for around $329 and $119, respectively.

[Note: In the video, we say that the Jongo Wireless S340B are available now. That's incorrect. Word is Q1 2013.]