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Microsoft Working To Make Your Holodeck Dreams Come True

Star Trek fans, set phasers to awesome. Microsoft is working on a new suit of technologies that will, eventually, offer users the chance to experience a toned down version of one of the show's greatest inventions, the holodeck. Joshua Topolsky over at The Verge, visited Microsoft's Redmond campus to get a look at the new technology and it looks impressive.

The suite consists of several disparate pieces of tech that, when brought together, should allow users to interact with a wall that displays a virtual environment that users can explore. Using a specialized display, complete with a face tracking LCD, users can for instance, look around a room projected on the display in real time. When the LCD notices that your head has moved, even slightly, it will adjust the image to display what you would see when looking around the projected room.

The system is also capable of displaying two completely different steroscopic images to two users, without either person having to wear 3D glasses or seeing what the other user sees. A motion and hand tracking component will allow users to physically interact with this "magic" wall, giving them the sense that the images displayed are real. Company reps wouldn't say when the technologies will be ready for the public, but we're hoping its before we're absorbed into the Borg collective.

via The Verge, Image provided by Shutterstock and Sellingpix