Microsoft Will Integrate LinkedIn into Windows 10

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Microsoft has officially closed the deal on its acquisition of LinkedIn, and we may soon see the fruits of that covenant directly within Windows 10.

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In a note on LinkedIn, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wrote that the two companies have a "common mission and sense of purpose" and outlined ways that LinkedIn will be integrated into Windows:

  • LinkedIn identity and network in Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite

  • LinkedIn notifications within the Windows action center

  • Enabling members drafting résumés in Word to update their profiles, and discover and apply to jobs on LinkedIn

  • Extending the reach of Sponsored Content across Microsoft properties

  • Enterprise LinkedIn Lookup powered by Active Directory and Office 365

  • LinkedIn Learning available across the Office 365 and Windows ecosystem

  • Developing a business news desk across our content ecosystem and

  • Redefining social selling through the combination of Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365

 Some of these, like the update to Word to make easy resumes, sound useful and efficient.But others, like spreading sponsored content and notifications in the action center might turn some users off.

We'll see in due time just how Microsoft uses LinkedIn, and if it changes for the better or worse.

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